Sunday, February 28, 2016

Pavel Filip designated as the Prime Minister of Moldova Moldovan parliament appointed Pavel Filip as Prime Minister

Parliament of Moldova has accredited Pavel Filip as the 3rd Prime Minister of European nation in less than a year.
  • Moldova is a small and poorest of Europe.
  • It was in a political turmoil after the fraudulent disappearance of 1 billion US dollars from the banking system and then government was brought down in a no-confidence vote in October 2015.
The appointment follows the rise and fall of two prime ministers in 2015, namely Chiril Gaburici (June 2015) and Valeriu Strelet (October 2015).
  • Pavel Filip, a member of the main pro-European coalition and a former IT and communications minister in the last government.
Keys Moldova:
Capital – Chisinau
Currency – Moldovan leu

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