Thursday, October 15, 2015

Nine new species of wild mushrooms discovered in Sikkim

  • Botanical Survey of India (BSI) scientist, Dr Kanad Das and his team have discovered nine species of wild mushrooms from Sikkim Himalayas. Out of nine,Canthrellus sikkimensis is edible and consumed by the local people.
  • These nine species were found in the subalpine region, the Singba Rhododendron Sanctuary and adjoining areas of North Sikkim.
  • Dr Kanad Das mentioned that four among the discovered species belong to the genus Lactarius , two of  Suillus and one each from three genera namely,  Cantharellus, Bondarzewia and Austroboletus. These new species of fungi are mushrooms, seasonal in nature growing in different times particularly during the rainy season.

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